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 PC Virus Removal


Is your computer acting strangely?  If you suspect a virus on your Windows computer, stop right away to prevent further damage and call us to remove it. We’ll also ensure you are protected going forward.

Dealing with a PC virus swiftly is crucial to prevent escalating problems. In Vancouver, our expertise in Windows virus removal means that more often than not, we can save your files. At Computer Clinic, we understand how disruptive it can be to start from scratch, so we focus on preserving your files and restoring your PC to its optimal state. Trust us, known as Vancouver's best in PC virus and malware removal, to get your computer back to working efficiently, just like before.

Virus Prevention Tips:

Do PC’s get more viruses than Macs?

In one word, yes!  There are still more Windows computers being used than Macs.  That means that the virus creators look to get more bang for their buck. Viruses may only be created for one type of format, Windows operating systems or Apple operating systems.  So, these evil-doers create a virus that will infect the most amount of systems, PC computers.  Creating the most havoc is their goal, and our end game here is to ensure you are protected against such maliciousness.  That being said, Macs still get viruses and are getting attacked more and more.  You are certainly not immune to viruses, trojans, and spyware just because you are a Mac user.

Be careful with email attachments

Email services like Gmail and Outlook ask for your permission before downloading an attachment. There’s a reason for that. Downloading an attachment can be dangerous. While email services often have virus protection built into their software, emails with viruses as attachments can still reach your inbox.
Cybercriminals often try to spread a virus with spamming emails. They send the emails with malicious attachments to a multitude of people. Once opened and executed, the virus can install in the background and begin its work.
If you don’t know the person who sent you an email attachment — or if the email looks like it could be a phishing attempt — then ignoring it might be your best option. Only click on attachments or download files from your email if you trust the source.

Avoid questionable websites

It might be tempting to get a free copy of a game, movie, or application that everyone else has to pay for. But if you download a cracked or illegal version of software, your computer or mobile device could be at risk.
Pirated software often comes from difficult-to-find websites or peer-to-peer sharing, both of which contain users who may simply be looking for their favorite movie, or those who are looking to spread a virus.

PC Virus Removal Process – How does it work?

  1. Walk in to our  4517 West 10th Ave service shop. Call us at 604-800-2909 to schedule an appointment or book online.

  2. Get your virus removed during the same day.  No files or programs will be removed.

  3. Get a free anti-virus software installed on your computer.  Hey, the one you had before didn’t work obviously.

  4. Warranty is for 90 days.  If the virus comes back for whatever reason, we’ll remove it again free of charge.

Windows / PC virus removal cost:

Computer Virus Removal    $120–150

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